One of my favorite places to visit during the summer months here in Yakima is the URM Cash & Carry. Of course, I love the ability to buy giant boxes of food, pre-sliced cake and enough chopsticks to last a lifetime, but I also love entering that walk-in freezer they have there. Not bad at all. I was thinking about freezers and, as it turns out, the largest freezer in the world happens to be right here in Washington state.

Welcome to Lineage at 2800 Polar Way in Richland, Washington. Not only the largest freezer in the world but also the largest refrigerated warehouse. Pretty neat!

Yes, the largest refrigerator is the hadron collider in Switzerland, but for freezers, nothing has Lineage beat.

With a volume of over 36 million cubic feet and the ability to store 350 million pounds of frozen food, what would you do with a place like this? I mean, what is it used for?

Well, like most freezers, it's used to store food. A lot of food.

They can store food, prepare food, and even move food when shipped across the US. They offer many services like that from all over and it all comes into this giant building in Richland.

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