At one time, especially in the 1960s the grain elevator was considered the unofficial west end of Kennewick. But what about its history?

  The Grain elevator has stood for decades

In the 6000 block of West Clearwater Ave. shortly before you reach Archibald's Auto lot, you will see the massive concrete grain elevator.

It's located alongside the railroad tracks, but it's been years since it has seen any grain. A search shows there is not a lot of information about when it was built, how long it operated, or its history.

According to a few notes from, the elevator had a capacity of 200,000 bushes of grain, there are also references to the side building having been damaged inside from a fire many years ago.

The Tri-City Herald makes a historical reference to a flour mill in the Tri-Cities that burned in 1913, but not about the elevator itself.

It says General Mills Sperry Division in faced paint on its side, Sperry Mills was an active miller who made flour in WA state and had a large presence in Spokane. At one point, according to, there were about 160 flour mills in WA state.

General Mills purchased Sperry Mills in 1929 but in the 1960s discontinued many of its milling operations. The lettering would indicate the grain elevator had to have existed sometime after 1929. indicates the building mainly serves as a location for cellphone towers on the top.  We've put in a request for information from The East Benton County Historical Society and will let you know what we find.

In the meantime, it will continue to serve as a navigation aid, especially for businesses across the street or next to it, "just across from the grain elevator in Kennewick." 

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