Other forms of shellfish are still OK to harvest on the Oregon coast, but not razor clams, for now.

  Oregon Fish and Wildlife bans razor clam digging

The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife has, for now, closed razor clam digging due to unsafe levels of what's called Domoic Acid found in the razor clams.

This acid occurs naturally in most shellfish, but if it reaches an unsafe level, it can cause what's called amnesic shellfish poisoning. In some people, it can be fatal.

The ODFW says the following areas are closed for razor clams:

"Razor clam harvesting has closed from Cascade Head (north of Lincoln City) to Seal Rock State Park (north of Waldport) for elevated levels of the marine biotoxin domoic acid. Razor clam harvesting remains closed for elevated levels of the marine biotoxin domoic acid from Cape Blanco (north of Port Orford) to the California border."

WA beaches are open, and this ban does not affect crabs, lobsters, or other shellfish, just razor clams. For more updates and information from ODFW, click here.

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