Boise, Idaho – Governor Brad Little proclaimed May as Horticulture Month, recognizing the invaluable contributions of local nursery and greenhouse growers to Idaho’s economy and quality of life, and encouraging Idahoans to shop for Idaho-grown plant products at local nurseries and greenhouses.

“What grows in Idaho thrives in Idaho,” said Erica White, Idaho Preferred Program Manager. “By sourcing local plants, residents are supporting our local economy and ensuring our landscapes flourish with hardy plants that will thrive in Idaho’s unique growing conditions.”

To promote local produce starts, plants, flowers, shrubs and trees, Idaho Preferred, a program by the Idaho State Department of Agriculture (ISDA), provides a statewide Nursery and Greenhouse Growers Guide available on their website. The Idaho Preferred logo indicates to customers that the nursery product is local, which supports Idaho growers and ensures that the plants suited for Idaho’s unique climate zones and soil compositions.

Idaho’s nursery and greenhouse growers contributed an estimated $1.7 billion in total sales in 2022, with products like plants, trees, flowers and produce starts accounting for $987 million of that total, according to the Idaho Nursery Landscape Association. Idaho’s nursery products are widely distributed throughout the U.S., reinforcing the state’s reputation as a quality horticultural leader.

For more information and for the Horticulture Resource Page and Nursery Grower Guide, visit the Idaho Preferred website.

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