This week, three farm credit organizations launched Terrain, a new source of agricultural industry analysis for U.S. farmers and ranchers.  American AgCredit, Farm Credit Services of America, and Frontier Farm Credit partnered to offer Terrain to their customers.


Curt Hudnutt, CEO of American AgCredit, said, “Serving farmers and ranchers – from everything between Iowa’s hog and corn farmers to California’s dairy and vineyard owners – is our shared mission Terrain’s experts share insights on trends and market-moving events through reports, videos, presentations and more.


Mark Jensen, CEO of Farm Credit Services of America and Frontier Farm Credit, adds, “Terrain provides unique expertise to support the future of agriculture and rural communities.”


Visit Terrain's Website for current perspective on the impact of interest rates on agricultural loans, a discussion on how grain storage costs change with interest rates, and insights on the near-term risks for the hog farming sector.


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