John Deere has release model year 2022 updates for 8 Series Tractors. One major update for the 8R Tractors is a New Central Tire Inflation System. John Deere’s Ryan Jardon said this innovate update allows farmers to adjust tire pressure on the go.

“Customer can adjust their tire pressure almost regardless of what task it is that they're trying to do. If you're in a road transport versus a field application, you should be running different tire pressures. Having the correct tire pressure gives you increased tire life on the road, but then also in the field, it allows you to spread that footprint, reducing compaction. Now with CTIS, Central Tire Inflation System, a customer can inflate or deflate the tire pressure on their tractor, in order to always have an optimized.”

Included in the new lineup is the 8RX tractors that can be paired with ExactRate planters, and offers additional liquid fertilizer tank capacity.

“Well, with the integrated ExactRate tractor tanks, our 8RX tractors, if equipped with the ExactRate tractor tanks, can carry onboard 1,000 gallons of fertilizer, right there on the tractor. Then you can also pair that with a John Deere planter for an additional 600 gallons of carrying capacity. Now since this is on the 8RX tractor, the system then is carried on a complete track system, giving you that larger footprint and really reducing compaction.”

The 8R Series tractors, he noted, also offer a variety of horsepower options to fit the needs of your farm.

“Wheel tractors range and horsepower anywhere from 230, up to 410, got a variety of transmission options from Power Shift to E23 to IVT. And then we also have two track 8RT tractors that range from 310 to 410 horsepower, and those have track width options as well as track spacing options. And then we have four models in our newly released, 8RX configuration which is a four-track fixed frame tractor and those range in horsepower from 310, up to 410.”

Additionally, the size and form of the tractor, can fit your operational needs, as well.

“We have machine forms, both in wheel, two track and four track, and all three machine forms have significant advantages, too. Wheel tractors are some of the most versatile of any machine on the farm. Two track tractors have a large footprint and also do some of the best in straight line pull. And our four track 8RX tractors, really combine the best of both worlds. They're smooth, they pull well, and really you can say they pull like a train, but drives like a car.”

Finally, the new 8R Series tractors also include a variety of integrated John Deere technology.

“All of our large tractors come from the factory with JDLink connectivity. They've all got an integrated Starfire 6000 GPS receiver, they all have a Generation Four Command Center display and the all come factory equipped with AutoTrac guidance. These technologies enable the operator to do things like reduce overlap and minimize inputs and give you less stress with your operating experience.”

Learn more about the new 8R Series tractors by visiting John Deere's Website, or stop by local John Deere dealer.

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