After years of development and months of anticipation by the consumer, it is finally here.  The apple cultivar, WA-38, better known as Cosmic Crisp officially hit American shelves on Sunday.  Toni Lynn Adams with the Washington Apple Commission said the first harvest, which took place mid-season around the time of Red Delicious, went smoothly.  She said thanks to marketing efforts and on-line excitement, demand for Cosmic Crisp is high in the U.S., but there’s also international interest.


“The cross between Honeycrisp and Enterprise contribute positive characteristics that are welcomed to both consumers and producers of the apple.  The natural trait of being slow to brown, the crispy texture thanks to its dense cell structure, a well-balanced juicy flavor with a hint of tartness and a beautiful appearance will all be positives in the eyes and taste buds of consumers.”


She said volume will be limited in the first year, with 322,000 boxes harvested this season.  But Adams says continued growth is expected into years two and three, opening the door for export opportunities.


“This launch is a rewarding chapter for the researchers and developers of the cultivar and the growers and packers.  Over 20 years of work went into developing and producing Cosmic Crisp and the industry finally has the opportunity to see the fruits of their labor,” Adams added.



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