CHS recently released the 2022 CHS Sustainability Report, describing the company's approach to sustainability and highlighting some of its sustainability initiatives.  The actions taken by CHS will help the company reduce its impact on the planet, respond to opportunities related to enhanced sustainability and continue to build a better future for the farmers and ranchers who own the cooperative system.


In 2022, CHS added Megan Rock as vice president, sustainability and innovation and chief sustainability officer.  CHS will place an emphasis on helping owners, and other stakeholders understand the company's approach to environmental, social, and corporate governance reporting, including providing definitions and interpretations in the 2022 CHS Sustainability Report.


The company is also exploring technologies that impact supply chain automation, real-time soil sensing and traceability in row crops as part of its sustainability efforts.


For an in-depth look into the 2022 CHS Sustainability Report, visit CHS' Website.


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