Traditional wine glass bottles are not as environmentally friendly compared to aluminum. Now that's what prompted Jody Bogel, co-owner of Bogel Family Wine Collection in Northern California, to introduce a new way of packaging. Wine in aluminum is not a new idea, but the size and shape are.

What we wanted to do was create a wine that was in an aluminum 750-milliliter wine bottle-shaped vessel. This is the first of its kind wine bottle shape made out of aluminum.

Jody believes the wine industry can reduce carbon emissions by using aluminum bottling.

"Glass actually accounts for 30% of wine's carbon footprint, so when you take glass out of the equation and you go with a lighter bottle like aluminum, you're saving on an average truckload 43% of weight. You're getting 43% more on that truck, and it still weighs 4% less, so you're going to take trucks off the road when you ship this wine, which is very good for carbon emissions."

But will the wine taste different from an aluminum bottle? Jody said, "We actually bottled the same wine in aluminum and the same wine in glass on the same day, and we did blind taste tests monthly for over a year, and we were unable to determine a difference."

For more information, visit Element[al] Wines.

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