Thursday, the Washington Policy Center will hold their annual Farm Hall in the Tri-Cities.  This year’s event will take place at the Northwest Farm Credit Services branch on St. Thomas in Pasco.  Pam Lewison with the WPC said these Farm Halls allow the agriculture community to discuss policy and potential legislation in an informal setting.


“Gives folks an opportunity to talk with lawmakers, in a setting that that’s a little bit different than a typical visit to Olympia.”


Lewison added as in years past, the event will start with a panel discussion, including state senators Judy Warnick and Phil Fortunato and Representative Tom Dent.


“After about an hour or so, we’ll sort of break the panel portion of the discussion, and give people the opportunity to sort of break up into small groups, and mingle, with lawmakers and other folks that are present, in more of what I like to think of kind of a sit around the tailgate and talk format.”


Box lunches will be provided to those that attend Thursday’s Farm Hall.  Visit the Washington Policy Center's Website to RSVP.


The Washington Ag Network is proud to sponsor the 2019 Farm Hall.



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