The main exported American commodities, wheat, corn, soybeans and cotton, saw exports increase very nicely over the past fiscal year, but those were not the only crops to enjoy eye-popping numbers in Fiscal Year 2022.


"Dairy product exports were up 25% in terms of value and FY22 it was just over $9 billion and then FY21 it was $7.3 billion," noted USDA economists and trade tracker Dylan Russell.  "We also saw increases in red meats and products as well as poultry meats and products.  Red meats were up about 10% in terms of export value.  And poultry meat and products were up 16%. 


In addition, Russel said vegetable oil exports jumped by 28% while ethanol exports increased by 67%.  The only commodities that saw export value declines were rice, falling by 10%, and tobacco, off year-over-year by 27%.


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