As we continues our Northwest Farm Credit Services quarterly commodity snapshot series, today we look at the forestry and fisheries industries. Bill Perry, Vice President at Northwest Farm Credit Services said Northwest fisheries can expect a profitable quarter.


“Pollock prices remain elevated especially for higher quality products like fillets. The salmon season in Alaska was generally strong and prices in Bristol Bay, Alaska’s largest revenue salmon fishery, are advantageous. Consumers continue to demand seafood and prices are reflecting that in all products, from crab to cod.”

When it comes to forest products, while down from recent records, Perry anticipates soil profits for manufacturers.

“Given the avalanche in pricing from a processing perspective, several key factors point to continued demand for finished wood products. Timberland owners are optimistic that pricing will strengthen through 2021 despite a small reduction in log prices following the drop in finished products price.”

Join us Monday as our quarterly commodity snapshot series continues when we take a look at Northwest row crops.

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