Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife investigators were called to a depredation in the Balm Creek area of Baker County over the weekend. On Saturday morning, 05/07/22, a livestock producer found an injured calf while moving cattle in a 1000-acre public land allotment. The six-week-old calf weighed approximately 125 lbs.

The injuries were estimated to have occurred approximately two weeks prior to the investigation. Portions of the hide were shaved and examined. There were multiple bite scrapes on the right hind leg above the hock measuring from one to three inches in length and up to 3/16” wide.  The left hind leg had a large open bite wound with exposed tissue that measured approximately 7” x 3 ½” in size.  The location of the bite marks and injuries to the calf are consistent with wolf attacks on live calves.

ODFW attributed this depredation to the Keating Pack. This is the 8th confirmed depredation in eastern Oregon since April 25th.

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