The Washington State Department of Agriculture received a total of 337 applications.

WSDA awards food grants

The WSDA has announced $1.5 million will be distributed to a variety of applicants, to help strengthen food infrastructure, supply chains and availability of food in WA.

According to the WSDA:

"Grants range from $7,000 to 75,000 and cover the cost of “post-harvest infrastructure.

The purpose of the program, which began in 2019, is multi-faceted: (according to WSDA)

"WSDA is committed to strengthening Washington’s food system through the Focus on Food Initiative by: Supporting all aspects of growing, processing, and distributing food.

  • Helping our farmers and producers connect with markets for their products. 
  • Ensuring the safety of Washington foods and assuring consumers that their food is safe.
  • Making sure that everyone in our state has access to good food."

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