WA state legislators have begun the process to formally banned a practice that doesn't exist in WA state.

 House Bill 1153 bans octopus farming in WA

According to information from Olympia, including The Center Square, the WA State House has cleared through committee a bill that would ban any sort of octopus farming in WA state.

HB 1153 cleared the House Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee on Friday, February 18th. The vote was 9-2.

Part of the reason for the proposal is a growing world-wide effort to establish farms for the creatures, which are fast-growing in popular to eat. Several international efforts are beginning or are being pushed, including in Spain, but it's a spirited subject. Animal rights activists say the superior intellect of the creatures makes them higher on the food chain than fish, and therefore 'growing' and farming them for food is cruel.

An article in The Guardian newspaper online last October discussed the debate about the practice.

It is not specifically known if any such efforts are underway in WA state to establish such farms, but that likely won't happen with the bill moving to the House floor for a likely vote.

The legislature cannot seem to solve the police pursuit problem, but they can 'fix' a problem that doesn't exist in WA, or anywhere else in the US.

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