The USDA and Department of Energy have announced the release of $144 million in grant money through a program called the Rural and Agricultural Income & Savings from Renewable Energy (RAISE) initiative.

  Program designed to assist farmers and other producers to save energy

400 projects across the US are receiving the grant money, including 27 projects in Idaho, 12 in Oregon, and 18 in WA. The bulk of the WA projects are solar energy setups of various sizes.

One of the projects, $114,000, will go to Maryhill Winery near Goldendale to build a 129 kilowatt solar energy array. Two farms in Adams County have received funding to build smaller solar projects and so has a farm in Lincoln County.

The Adams County farm operations are small 15-kilowatt operations.

Sage Hill Electric in Pasco in Franklin County also received $11,800 to build a small solar project.

The USDA and DOE say the projects will enable these businesses to save what they said were significant amounts of money on long-term energy costs.


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