Luckily everyone survived in this dramatic-looking semi-accident on I-5, everyone except for the vegetables anyway.


Semi Crash on I-5 Causes Traffic Delays

Traffic came to a standstill on northbound Interstate 5 for several hours yesterday morning after a semi-truck carrying vegetables collided with a guardrail and came to rest beneath the South 178th Street overpass. The incident, which occurred around 8:40 a.m., caused an immediate response from emergency services and led to the closure of multiple lanes as authorities worked to clear the messy scene.

The Washington State Department of Transportation first alerted drivers to the crash near 188th Street, indicating that the right lane was blocked due to the collision. Upon arrival, first responders found the semi-truck lodged under the overpass after plowing through the guardrail in the process.

Police quickly closed the two right lanes by 9 am to provide enough space for emergency crews to assist the injured driver and to begin clearing the heavily damaged semi and boxes of produce. Trooper Rick Johnson of the Washington State Patrol reported that the crash resulted in a serious injury, though specifics on the driver's condition were not immediately disclosed.

X @wspd2pio
X @wspd2pio

The Semi-Trailer Split Wide Open Like a Tin Can

The collision caused the semi-truck's trailer to split open, spilling its cargo of vegetables onto the highway. Boxes containing corn, leaf lettuce, and celery were scattered across the roadway, making cleanup efforts difficult and adding to traffic delays. Cleanup crews worked throughout the morning to remove debris for the safety of motorists passing through the area.

Commuters were advised to seek alternate routes or expect significant delays while the cleanup operation continued. Traffic management teams were deployed to redirect vehicles away from the affected lanes and tried to minimize congestion. An investigation into the cause of the collision is ongoing, with authorities examining many different factors.

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