The Oregon Farming community has sounded the alarm about efforts to get IP-13 on the 2022 ballot. If approved by voters, the initiative would outlaw many practices currently done by the livestock and farming community, as well as other industries. But it’s not just Oregon where the proposal has drawn criticism.


Pam Lewison with Washington Policy Center IP-13 would cut off many activities that parents share with their kids.

"It has the potential to criminalize their parents for teaching them how to harvest meats, whether it's chickens from their farms that are no longer producing eggs, or hunting, fishing, all of those things become criminal acts."

IP-13 would require animals being raised for their meat to be processed only after they died of natural causes. Backers of the measure said it could end up increasing Oregon's agricultural production, allowing the state to focus more on seed crops, fruits, nuts, and vegetables. Lewison added if approved, the initiative would hinder access to meat, which contributes to a healthy diet and provides an abundant, nutrient-dense protein source for low-income families.

"If you look at it from the Ag side, animal agriculture really provides a lot of things for low income households, and particularly when you look at locally produced products."

Supporters of initiative are currently gathering signatures to get the measure on the statewide ballot.

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