The current farm economy isn't great.  But what can be done to ensure the Ag economy of 2019 does not mirror that of the 1980's?  That was the focus of a recent panel made up of Ag leaders past and present.


"I had two farmer friends of mine in my county," said former John Block, Agriculture Secretary during the Reagan Administration.  "They got in to so much trouble with 18% interest that they had to go bankrupt.  They survived later but that's how bad it was?


Current FSA Director, David Schemm, was also on the panel.  He pointed to differences in farm policy and programs from three decades ago until now that will be part of solutions to avoid the economic impacts of the 80's.


"Who have a flexibility in them that allows our producers to do best what they have done for so many years, and that's called adapt to the challenges they face."




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