As a result of the mega-merger between Bayer and Monsanto, BASF officials say they were a big winner by acquiring more than $9 billion in assets Bayer was required to divest.  BASF vice president of Ag solutions, Scott Kay, said there will be a few noticeable differences.


“The biggest thing for BASF and for me, is 1.) we’ve acquired both chemistry and seed which are very complimentary to our overall portfolio.  2.) and they are also complimentary to the innovation that we will continue to bring into the market.”


Kay added the acquisitions also bring some of the greatest minds to BASF.  But, what changes will the customers see?


“You know, I think the biggest thing they are going to see is that we’ve picked those products and the portfolio and the people and we intent to integrate them rather quickly into our BSF portfolio,” said Kay.



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