Agriculture seems to be breaking through as a piece of the environmental puzzle for Democratic presidential candidates.  Several of the candidates are putting out their plans to combat climate change as they continue through the debates.


For example, front-runner Joe Biden has proposed taking American agriculture down to net-zero emissions.  The former Vice President says he wants to “dramatically expand and fortify” a voluntary USDA program that pays farmers to adopt certain practices throughout a five-year contract.  He wants the program to be part of potential carbon markets by allowing corporations, individuals, and foundations to help offset their emissions.


Senator Bernie Sanders wants to provide grants, technical assistance, and debt relief to support farmers in a transition to more sustainable practices.


As a part of his $5 trillion climate plan, former Representative Beto O’Rourke said he would create grants for farmers to secure better soil management and new technologies.  Politico said farmers have gotten as many mentions in the context of climate change as they have from the trade war.



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